Nsoroma GPS Vehicle Tracking and Fleet Management is a Comprehensive Service!

We utilise different hardware and accessories depending on the solutions our clients require. We also implement sophisticated and user-friendly cloud tracking databases.

Here is a snapshot of our distinguishing service features:

Customer Service

Our comprehensive service is a partnership and we tailor-make the hardware to meet the unique requirements of our clients. Customer service is key to everything we do, and each of our customer service managers are always available to ensure our clients’ needs are consistently met.

Nsoroma ensures that each tracking device works optimally. Our advanced monthly billing system allows each customer to deactivate a specific vehicle when it is not in use. Vehicles that are turned off do not incur charges until they are switched back on again.


We recognise that every customer has different needs that are specific to them. We offer a bespoke service that matches the right hardware to your requirements, providing you the most cost-effective solution.

As part of your service, monthly reports on each of your vehicles are generated and analysed, with suggestions made on areas that might require action. For example, you can have a look at each driver on your system and see who is better at keeping within the speed limit, or who keeps the engine idling for longer and so forth. With this report, you can see at a glance, where productivity could be enhanced and operational costs kept to a minimum by improving driver performance.

Most Sophisticated Servers

Our user-friendly award-winning platform, speaks for itself as soon as you log in.

It’s an open system which integrates with virtually any hardware, be it a fuel sensor or any camera.

There are certain standard features that are worth noting:

  • Vehicle maintenance management
  • Various interactive map layers
  • Automated alerting and reporting
  • Data is never deleted from our server
  • Works seamlessly on mobile phones and tablets


Depending on your vehicle or machine type, Nsoroma has the best-fit fuel solution for you.

We deploy different technologies to manage fuel such as, UFS and OBD II device

Some features include:

  • Litres consumed per trip
  • Automatic sudden decrease (siphoning) SMS alert
  • Trip costing functionality
  • Low fuel alerting
  • Real time fuel consumption on the Live page
  • Re-fueling report

Task Manager

Supervisors can readily create tasks either new or from templates within minutes. These tasks can be sent to field staff with locations. Once a task is completed both the supervisor and field staff receive a notification. Recurring tasks can also be assigned for certain categories of staff.

Here are some features of the Task Manager:

  • Works on IOS and Android devices
  • Current geographical address system, which covers most landmarks in Ghana
  • In app messaging
  • Periodic reporting to show Tasks Status (Pending, Failed, Accomplished etc.)

Driver Feedback Programme

The Driver Feedback Programme is an alert system that sends real time notifications to drivers who violate the pre-set speed, idling and harsh driving parameters set by you. Whether via a series of beeps, email or text notifications, drivers are pre-warned, allowing them to adjust where necessary to improve their performance during the course of any given day.

This service takes care of all health and safety concerns, and allows supervisors to ensure that their team of drivers adhere to the road safety laws of their specific regions.

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