Whether your main requirement is for security, health, safety and environment (HSE) or for fuel monitoring, Nsoroma GPS will recommend the right tracking device and accessories for your exact need. For example, a field supervisor will be given the option to add the microphone and speaker accessory to enable seamless two-way communication to any of the team members on the road. Nsoroma GPS uses all state-of-the-art hardware such as GPRS, RFID, camera and satellite trackers, each of which can be coupled with all manner of accessories.

Nsoroma GPS has four nominal service plans for our servers that clients can choose from. Our servers can integrate with multiple hardware, however depending on the hardware, the right service will be recommended.

Our Subscription Service comprises the following:

  • Server Charges – We provide a highly user-friendly, but the most sophisticated, tracking platform on the market.
  • Technical and Customer Care Support – We perform daily troubleshooting checks to ensure all units are working properly. We also offer emergency support.
  • Data Charges for the SIM Cards in Tracking Devices
  • User and Driver Training Workshops – We provide your organisation with free periodic workshops to train you on how to use the tracking system more effectively.
  • Customised Reporting (available only with PREMIUM service) – We summarise monthly activity reports for various departments for analyses.

Nsoroma GPS has four nominal service plans for our servers starting from GHC1.00 a day.


This service is suitable for lien vehicles as well as private car owners with privacy concerns.

It involves the tracker being put in a sleep mode although the current day’s activity can be viewed as an option.


This service type is ideal for vehicle owners interested only in the location of their vehicles.

It includes all the features of the sleeper service and customers are able to generate a history report on their vehicles to know all the past activity.


The standard service is suitable for companies with small to large fleets.

In addition to the features of the basic service, it also provides a variety of different types of interactive maps, reports and alerts.


For companies with large fleets, or for customers who require customization.

This is a fully packed service that contains all the features.

Basic Service
Standard Service
Premium Service
Live Tracking
Tracker Health Monitoring [THM]
Web-Based & Mobile Access
Roaming Capability
Geo-fencing with Alerting
Route Geo-fencing with Alerting
User Creation & Restriction
Interactive Maps
Driver Listing & Allocation
ECO Driving /Driver KPI
Crash & SOS Notification
Vehicle Diagnostic Information
Task Management
Customized Fleet Reports
Fuel Monitoring Limited Unlimited
Vehicle Maintenance Limited Unlimited
Driver SMS & Calling Limited Unlimited
Productivity Reports & Alerting Limited Unlimited
Security Reports & Alerting Limited Unlimited
Activity Reports & Alerting Very Limited Limited Unlimited


This service is basically a yearly service which involves the tracker being put in a sleep mode but the current day’s activity can still be viewed on the tracking system. Also, with this service type, the tracker will be monitored and health messages such as tamper alerts, SIM failures and power losses will be sent to client for vehicle to be checked, that is Tracker Health Monitoring [THM]


We can use the data reported to our server, from the tracking devices installed in vehicles, to do special programming for clients with special needs.

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