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Nsoroma GPS is a premier award-winning vehicle tracking and fleet management company offering services that allow you to track your vehicles, in real time, via the Internet. Established in 2007, we are an indigenous Ghanaian company with a presence across the Sub-Saharan region including: Nigeria, Gabon, Congo and Angola.


When you sign up with Nsoroma GPS, you get more than just a service. We offer a long term partnership. We integrate our cutting-edge technology into your business, learning more about your needs. With insights gathered from our tracking platform, we are able to provide you with 24-hour support, discover where your company could be more productive, and help your organisation save more money in the short run.
-Harry Baksmaty,
CEO, Nsoroma

Distinguishing Features

As a tracking solutions-provider we implement multiple servers while utilising devices that deliver knock-out solutions, making your life easier. These include:

  • The use of CAN-BUS technology to determine what any trip will cost you in terms of fuel used
  • Providing periodic reports of driver performance, taking into account parameters that are specific to you


Track your vehicle for as little as GHS1.00 per day.

What Our Clients Say About Us

We serve different categories of clients, from individuals with one or two vehicles, to companies with a large fleet.

As a General Manager, my priority is my guests. With Nsoroma, I am able to ensure that guests are picked up and dropped off on time. I am also able to effectively control the movements of my vehicles at all times.

Sajid Khan
General Manager, Tang Palace Hotel, Accra Ghana

We introduced Nsoroma tracking system into our fleet management about six years ago and it has been extremely helpful, especially in managing the health and safety risks to our drivers and other road users. Specifically, it has helped us monitor driver behavior on the road, risk perception and appreciation and defensive approach to driving, leading to a reduction in major road accidents.

Jerry Ekow Nyan
Regional HSE Leader, West Africa, Cummins Ghana Ltd

Nsoroma GPS tracking solutions has successfully integrated into our operations, saving time and cost on fuel through efficient routing of vehicles. We experience an effective two-way communication with our drivers and technicians while on the road via the microphone and speaker accessory without the driver using a mobile phone.

Claudine Youssef
Customer Service, Fox Cooling Co. Ltd, Ghana

Over the years, Nsoroma GPS has made my work very easy. From anywhere in the world I’m able to determine the number of trips each of my trucks has made and this makes accounting for cash easier. I recommend Nsoroma if you need excellent vehicle Tracking Services.

Ben Edoo
Private Haulage Vehicles Owner, Accra, Ghana

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